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Children pour water to help their motor skill development

The Magic of Our School


We approach the child with a sense of reverence, a sense of wonder. Who knows what greatness lies in each child and what each child is capable of becoming? In our school, we create the best environment for the children. Their journey is developmental. It unfolds from them. They are becoming their best selves. Our job is to provide those materials and experiences that will help them to perfect themselves. We call this the prepared environment. In it we place materials scientifically selected to demonstrate particular pieces of knowledge. The materials must be beautiful, clean and whole. The environment must be rich in culture. The children are treated with respect and are, in turn, respectful to their classmates and teachers.
We create as harmonious a world as possible for the children. The world we create is peaceful and beautiful. There is congruence between the external world we create and the internal needs of the children. Our children internalize that world and take it with them wherever they go.


She is now confident...

“Children’s Workshop has been the perfect preschool and kindergarten for our daughter. She is now completing her third year, and the growth we have seen since she started attending this incredible school is tremendous. She began preschool as a somewhat tentative child. She is now confident, has a love for learning, and has made numerous lasting social connections across the three small classes.”


Meredith Cohen (parent)

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